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Photographer/Digital Artist

If you are looking for some of the best conceptual, lifestyle or branded photographs; look no further. UK born & raised visual specialist, Tom Barker brings a side of photography rarely showcased: genuine & empowered. 
For being only 26 years old, Tom has collaborated with countless artists of every tenure. From local Alberta musicians such as Michela Sheedy, Tanya Ryan & Mariya Stokes all the way up to ACMA/CCMA nominated artists such as Leaving Thomas, Rivertown Saints, The Chris Buck Band, The Prairie States, FOXXWorthee & The Washboard Union.

With multiple years of photography under his belt, Tom made the leap into radio & broadcast media.

You will find Tom with multiple cameras strapped to him, in an effort to capture any and all memories of the people & places around him & to help him always be working on his passion. 

Often referred to as a "visual empowerment" coach, Tom fosters a safe & open content creation environment, ensuring any and all who work with him are open to create & hone their craft without fear of judgement. This is what sets him apart from the competition and has contributed to his success thus far. 

Tom's ability to empower people & foster creativity will blaze the trail for him to continue working on multiple projects & creating a lifetime of work that will surely be remembered. 

Contact / Phone: 587-899-3665

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